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Our elite team is diligently orchestrating top-tier digital entertainment packages for our valued senior patrons! We are intent on alleviating the pressures felt by the hardworking activities directors by providing excellent resources. Make Vintage Vocals your routine stop-off point, as our team is fervently cultivating imaginative and extraordinary content!

Lisa Nicole, Owner

As a seasoned veteran in the senior care entertainment industry, I founded Vintage Vocals Entertainment with the goal of providing quality entertainment that would uplift the spirits of our seniors.

Over the years, I have earned a reputation as the best in the industry, in Southern Ontario. Which is what inspired me to create digital entertainment packages.

I am confident that I can help your company reach new heights in the senior care industry. Now, check out the rest of my team...

Daren Swanson

A seasoned entertainer who has dedicated nearly two decades of his life to bringing joy to seniors. His diverse skills in writing, composing, playing, and singing have proven to be the perfect combination to create performances that touch the hearts and minds of the elderly.The real beauty of Daren's performances is his ability to connect with seniors on a deep level, empathizing with their experiences and crafting performances that resonate with their unique needs.

Kimberly Rei

A true wordsmith. Her writing is a gift to the world, and those who have had the pleasure of reading her work are lucky to have experienced it. She is a trailblazer in her field, and there's no doubt that she'll continue to take the writing world by storm for years to come. Her ability to absorb information about a person's life and translate it into a captivating story is nothing short of amazing. With an impressive resume boasting well over 200 published stories and one published novel, it's clear that Kimberly's talent is not to be underestimated. Kimberly also has a talent for editing. Her sharp eye for detail and love for the written word make her a master of language. Every piece she touches comes out polished, precise, and powerful.

Patti Prince

Her exceptional talent and boundless creativity transforms the world of fine art photography. From painting to sculpting, her artistic flair is evident in everything she creates. As a true visionary in the art world, Patti is always pushing boundaries and exploring new techniques. Her exceptional eye for detail, combined with her vast knowledge and expertise in child daycare makes her uniquely suited to crafting fun games that are easy to learn and understand. Whether she's creating fine art photographs or organizing activities, Patti's creativity and passion for her craft is always evident.