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Who are we?

At Vintage Vocals Entertainment, our passion is entertaining seniors. We've honed our craft over the past fifteen years, bringing joy and nostalgia to retirement homes and long-term care facilities all across Ontario.

Founded by talented musicians Daren and Lisa, we've learned through the years how to engage our audience and provide meaningful and memorable performances. We perform as a two-piece acoustic act known as Alchemy unplugged. Our rich experience has given us valuable insight into what seniors appreciate, helping us deliver entertainment that's uplifting, fun and suited to their taste.

We take great pride in having performed in all the main senior-care chains in Ontario. These experiences have further refined our understanding of our audience, allowing us to fine-tune our performances to better suit their preferences. Which is why we’ve started producing beautiful digital download packages designed specifically for the 85+ crowd. Seniors are a very valid entertainment market and it’s our pleasure to make sure they get the very best entertainment that can possibly be provided.

Come join us on this wonderful journey as we bring smiles and spark memories with our vintage vocals. Enjoy the beautiful harmonies of the past and let us fill your hearts with music and joy. At Vintage Vocals Entertainment, every performance is a labor of love, every song a treasured memory, and every note, a joyous celebration of life. We look forward to sharing our music, games and stories with you.

We even have a mission statement!

To provide excellent, affordable entertainment for seniors that rekindles memories and a zest for life.