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Daren and Lisa

Otherwise known as Alchemy unplugged, Daren and Lisa have been providing high-end seniors' entertainment in the long-term care and retirement industry for over 15 years and are frequently voted the best group everywhere they perform.

They can do several hundred songs ranging from old crooner classics by artists like Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney to some old sing-alongs and folk music to Country and Western, 50's rock and roll (Elvis, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly and Everly Brothers), and hits from the 60's and 70's. 

Just one guitar, and two voices...

The Origin of "Alchemy unplugged"

  • Alchemy is a medieval field of magical chemistry where chemists, who called themselves alchemists, would do extraordinary things, like turn lead into gold.
  • Daren and Lisa originally called their act Alchemy as they aimed to perform alchemy on the songs they played, essentially turning them into gold.
  • In music, the term unplugged means to perform a song without electric guitars.
  • Daren and Lisa use their voices and one acoustic guitar, therefore, they are considered an unplugged act.
  • Alchemy unplugged eventually became their name and it abbreviates to Au, which is the chemical symbol for gold!
  • Sometimes, Daren and Lisa refer to Alchemy unplugged as Au for short.

And now, onto the reviews...

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I could listen to you all day!

Resident at Amica Dundas

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I haven't felt this young in years!

Resident at Christopher Terrace

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I wish you could come back every day!

Resident at Victoria Place

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Each performance has been fantastic and enjoyed by all. Lisa has the voice of an angel and their legacy remains long after each show. I constantly get requests to have them back by the

seniors... the pleasure their presence in our buildings brings our residents and staff is indescribable... even my family loves Alchemy unplugged as we own all of their CDs and play them regularly at home.”

Jodi Legault - Marketing, Chartwell Select First Avenue, Welland

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Our retirement residence sees singers and musicians perform every Friday and Daren [hired as a solo entertainer without Lisa] is by far one of our resident favorites. He is a fantastic performer and he always keeps the residents engaged. His song choices consistently get residents up on their feet to dance and sing-a-long to his music. We have hired Daren multiple times throughout the year and he will continue to be a highlighted performance for us! Fantastic all around.

Meagan Issa - Lifestyle and Programs Manager at ROYAL ON GORDON

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Have you ever had Alchemy unplugged play for you at any of your special events? We had them at Paletta on Monday evening - they were amazing. I had loads of people come up to me after the concert to ask if we are going to have them back? How wonderful they were, and a thank you to the City of Burlington for having this.  

As well, Daren and Lisa were greeted by a number of people after the concert with congratulations and thank you for the enjoyable evening they provided.

Laura Corbeil - Burlington Music Centre

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All of my residents like Alchemy unplugged! They are fun, interactive, upbeat, and put on a great show! My residents ask me every month when they are coming back to perform. My residents love how every song has a story! The two musicians are very reliable, very kind, and super flexible! I would definitely recommend hiring them!

Katie Jager - Lifestyle and Programs Manager at Christopher Terrace

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My wife becomes alert and aware and speaks when she hears you [Lisa] sing. We've been playing your Christmas CD and your other CDs to her all summer. Our whole family knows your music. Can you please sing Amazing Grace at her funeral, and My Way at mine? [We eventually did both funerals - what an honour!]

Husband of a woman with dementia at Creek Way Village

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We hired Alchemy to provide background music at our various networking and reception events. The tone and quality of this duo was very soothing and pleasing to the group, and we received very positive feedback about them. We look forward to working with them in the future.

Rosanne Antunes - Senior Events Coordinator Canadian Franchise Association

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We have been booking the duo Alchemy for almost 10 years to entertain at Park Avenue Manor, Burlington. Daren and Lisa are so warm and engaging with the audience. Their musical talent always impresses. Whether it’s a holiday or theme performance, a show for all ages or just the golden oldies, Alchemy will leave everyone smiling and asking for more! 70 thumbs Up!

Director of Recreation Park Avenue Retirement Community

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My husband hasn't spoken in three years, but when you [Lisa], were singing he started talking, for the first time, asking normal things you would ask when attending a concert.

Wife visiting her husband with dementia at Chartwell Brant Centre

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Alchemy unplugged is a favourite of my residents. They are engaging, exciting and play a wide range of songs everyone can dance and sing along to. They look forward to the next time they are in. I would highly recommend them for any occasion!

Megan Mete - Director of Active Living at Appleby Place

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Your harmonies are simply amazing. I used to sing when I was younger. You make me feel young again.

Resident at Churchill Place

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I hope I live long enough to see you come back.

Resident at Amica Erin Mills

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I'm gonna bop her in the nose if she don't bring you back! I haven't had so much fun in years!

Resident at Tranquility Place

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Fantastic! That was amazing!

Many residents from many homes and facilities.

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You're the best group we've ever had in here.

Many residents from many facilities

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As I sit at my kitchen table I am listening to your CD. It is amazing.

— Melissa

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I knew every song you did and sung along to each one.

Thank you!!

Many residents from many facilities

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