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Music Sponsorship Program

Creating exposure for your brand is harder than ever in this world of social media. And what do you do when a chunk of your market doesn’t even use social media? What if they have little interest in any traditional forms of swag? Mugs, t-shirts, pens, keychains, and USB hard drives mean absolutely nothing to seniors living out their final days.

So, what do they want? What do their homes want for them?

They Want Experiences

Impactful and enjoyable experiences at an advanced age are difficult to come by. Some homes tend to underbudget entertainment, but it's truly their residents' bread and butter. Helping seniors have memorable experiences WILL make an impact.

You need to provide them with something that hits them right in the nostalgia and touches their hearts. Something that they’ll take with them after encountering you. Something they’ll thank you for and hope to see again.

"I was feeling sad. Just terrible. Life seemed so bad. Then you started entertaining, with all those songs I knew. I felt so happy I couldn't believe it! I called my daughter to tell her. I hope you're coming back soon." Resident after a performance - Chartwell Christopher Terrace

That’s the kind of appreciation you want, right?

Consider sponsoring a series of music performances with Daren & Lisa and you’ll get that, and more.

Daren & Lisa (Alchemy unplugged)

According to thousands of seniors, Daren & Lisa (also known as Alchemy unplugged) provide the best entertainment they’ve ever experienced, which isn’t surprising.

Lisa’s award-winning vocals are absolutely stunning. She’s been professionally capturing hearts with her voice for nearly 25 years.

"Lisa has the voice of an angel and their legacy remains long after each show.”

Marketing – Chartwell Welland

Daren plays guitar and has a lovely, smooth voice that meshes exquisitely with Lisa’s to produce breath-taking harmonies. With over 2,000 paid live performances in bars, pubs, clubs, corporate events, private parties, theater shows, huge outdoor festivals and casinos under his belt, he’s one of the most accomplished musicians in Canada.

Together, Daren & Lisa have been beguiling seniors and long-term care residents for over 15 years. Experience has given them insight into their audience as emcees who always make a positive impression. They expertly direct the audience according to the agenda of the people hiring them. 

“They [Daren & Lisa] are fun, interactive, upbeat, and put on a great show! My residents ask me every month when they are coming back to perform.”

Lifestyles and Program Manager - Christopher Terrace

Imagine being the one who provides your market with one of the best experiences they’ll have before they’re gone from this world. How often does your promotion leave a legacy? Their children will remember you because you made their parents laugh again and feel like a kid.

What Sponsors Receive

  • Gorgeous, eye-catching posters reach residents, staff and visitors for weeks in advance of the show. The poster size is 8-1/2” x 11” and one third of the page is dedicated to the sponsor/s. 
  • 30 - 100 music programs are distributed at the performance to staff, residents and their families. Dimensions are 8-1/2” x 5-1/2” and the reverse side is dedicated to the sponsor/s. So much space!
  • We thank and talk about the sponsors at the beginning and end of the 45-minute show.
  • Long-term promotion: Recipients of the program will likely keep them as keepsakes like old ticket stubs from a signature concert.
  • Music program: Put whatever you want - a logo, a special message from you to the audience, pictures of products, your company's story, upcoming promotions... anything.
  • Placement on our "Awesome Sponsors" website page which will be promoted regularly through our social media channels.


You may sponsor one or more shows either exclusively or with up to two extra sponsors. The price per show becomes more affordable with a commitment to three or more shows and by working with other sponsors.

Daren and Lisa Alchemy unplugged sponsorship pricing

Sponsoring a Daren & Lisa music show will tastefully reinforce your company’s brand, nurture existing customers, potentially generate new leads and improve the residents’ standard of living by bringing them something that makes them feel young, happy, and deeply appreciative. What a win-win that is.

When Daren and Lisa play at a home for the first time, they literally blow everyone away. Staff tend to emerge from their offices with amazed expressions to witness what is going on. Such high-end polished entertainment is rare as far as they’re concerned.

Become a part of one of the best experiences a resident can ever have in their home. They’ll thank you for it.


Reinforce Your Brand

Your logo and a quick message are showcased on posters for weeks before a performance, Daren & Lisa talk about you at the show, and the reverse side of the music program showcases you.

Promote a Product

Daren & Lisa will happily showcase any suitable products to the seniors attending shows that you sponsor.

Customizable Campaign

We can custom book the dates and even locations where you would like to enhance awareness of your new product or service, such as for a product launch.

Impact Your Audience

Nothing else you offer provides the kind of impact Daren & Lisa can. Audiences commonly talk about their show for months and ask when they're coming back.

Become a Keepsake

The half-sheet music programs will likely become keepsakes like how one might keep old ticket stubs from a signature concert.  And your info is on the back!

Positive Publicity

Daren & Lisa are highly praised for doing such a wonderful service in the senior care industry and, by sponsoring them, so will you. What a feel-good social media opportunity!

Word of Mouth

Seniors have a lot of time on their hands and love to talk, so why not give them something new to talk about? They’ll be raving about the show, and who brought it to them, for months.

Customer Appreciation

Most residents personally thank Daren & Lisa for entertaining them. Seniors will really appreciate a sponsored show, and the people who brought it to them.

Contact Us

When you're ready to sponsor some shows and entertain some really awesome people, please fill out this form or alternatively you can call or text us at (289) 246-0275.

We look forward to making you look great!